Film Fund

for Isobel And The Witch Queen

About the project

Director Craig Anthony Perkins has been asked to shoot a short film to World Premier exclusivly at the 2012 Macworld | iWorld as part of the iPhone Filmmakers Panel. There will be 25,000 attendees along with 600 Media Outlets covering the event.

Please help us to make this happen. What we need the most is funding/executive producers. By funding our film, you will have your name attached to a project that will get more media attention than most film festivals. This can benefit all of us in our creative endeavors and potential PROFESSIONAL careers in film, acting and sponsorship opportunities!

Feel free to fund any amount that you can by clicking on the Fund Our Film button below. Funding under $1000 will get a thank you credit in the film; over $1000 will get you an Executive Producer credit.

Organic detail

Please help us to make our short film a success; fund our film and get your name and/or brand recognized at Macworld!


To the left is a conceptual title shot featuring our lead actresses Roma Willow Zenk as Isobel and Amanda Myers as The Witch Queen.

The film is primarily being shot in and around the "Witch's Castle" in Forest Park, Portland Oregon.