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A Day In The Life Of A Design House – Part Two

Posted on 24 May 2008 by genshi

Continuing the series of photo sessions of the Fashion Design and Manufacturing house near the City of Commerce, this series, “The Factory and Warehouse” shows the workers of this massive production house in their daily routine. But this is no sweatshop (luckily.) These young men and women were very hard working, but they were happy, healthy and very personable.

A Day In The Life Of A Design House - Part Two

A Day In The Life Of A Design House - Part Two

As I mentioned previously in part one of this series, the shoot gave me real insight to the day to day workings of such a huge company and their process. From the executive meetings in the showroom, to the art director’s brainstorming sessions, to the designers and their fleet of iMacs as they mockup patterns using CAD programs, to the pattern factory where they take the CAD files and create prototypes of the designs as well as the warehouse workers that pack and ship tens of thousands of products each day; their warehouse overwhelming.

The shoot itself was quite fun and more importantly, gave me a chance to tell their story Reportage style as I tried to capture the “moments” of the employees in their day to day business.

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