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Winner Of Best Animation and Grand Prize Best Overall Film at iFF3

Posted on 25 May 2012 by genshi

For Immediate Release

The Haunting at Danford Cabin

Winner Best Animation and Winner Grand Prize Best Overall Film

at the Third iPhone Film Festival

Los Angeles, Ca – May 25th, 2012 – Genshi Media Group would like to congratulate Director Craig Anthony Perkins and Producer Debora Jo Myers for their win at the third iPhone Film Festival. Their stop-motion horror short “The Haunting at Danford Cabin” won Best Animation and took the Grand Prize for Best Overall Film at this year’s iPhone Film Festival. This year, the festival was judged by a jury of 10 filmmakers and industry professionals from around the world.

$3500 worth of prizes are being award to the Grand Prize winners, including $2000 worth of studio services at Filmlook post-production house, the Mobislyder, a Steadicam® Smoothee and the Fostex AR-4i Audio Interface along with a shipment of other prizes.

This is the third short film with Craig in the Director’s chair and the first shot as a stop-motion animation. In addition to Writing, Directing, Editing and Scoring the film, Craig along with Producer and Voice Actress Debora, acted as Puppeteers for their first time. “It was definitely a learning process and we found out the hard way what not to do the next time we attempt something like this…” said Craig when asked about the filming process of a stop-motion movie, “We did everything the old school way, shooting 24 single still shots [on the iPhone 4S] for every one second of footage that you see on the screen. All told we had about 4000 still shots that I then had to animate together.” Craig also spent a lot of time on the sound design, performing actual foley work, explaining “Every single sound you hear in the movie was recorded by me using the Zoom H4N hand-held recorder; the footsteps, the ticking clock, door creaks… every sound, just like they use to (and occasionally still) do in Hollywood. I even got Debora to make the chicken sounds when we tried (and failed) to record real chickens!”

“The Haunting at Danford Cabin” is also an Official Selection at the Canadian Film Centre’s Shorts Nonstop Film Festival and will be included in a couple of other festivals later this year.

About Craig Anthony Perkins:

Award winning Filmmaker, Composer, Photographer and Designer Craig Anthony Perkins began as a musician at the age of four and became interested in filmmaking at a very early age as well. In the past Craig has worked in both a creative and technical capacity within the entertainment industry for companies such as Philips Media, Universal Interactive Studios and AVID, doing everything from video game design and film post production, to sound design, composing and technical writing.

Under his own company Genshi Media Group, he has released several albums on the iTunes Music Store, has had his photography published in magazines and exhibited in galleries, and has designed indie art toys including the much sought-after Broken Heart Robot which has led to talks with two TV networks for consideration as an animated series based on his toy character.

Now, Craig is delving full time into filmmaking as a Director, utilizing his various skills and experience from the past.

About Debora Jo Myers:

Writer, Producer, Actress and Artist Debora Jo Myers is working as the Co-Writer, Producer, Actress and Costume Designer for recent Genshi Media Group films. She is also the co-founder, editor and multi-genre writer for the webzine Ladyfire.com. In the past she has also worked as a strong civil-rights activist and in her spare time is a collage artist and singer.

About Genshi Media Group:

Founded in 1995, Genshi Media Group specializes in film production, music and sound production as well as music consulting services for the film and tv industry. In addition, Genshi Media Group’s design division has enjoyed success in the areas of Web & Graphic design as well as Product/Toy design.

Genshi Media Group was founded by Craig Anthony Perkins as a vehicle for exploring his love of music, design and film production.

With his background as a composer, musician and producer as well as his experience in photography, web & graphic design and programming, Craig has been able to combine these elements into a working “production house” that has formed partnerships with other filmmakers, designers, musicians, programmers and artists as well as strong working relationships with major companies.

In 2011, Genshi Media Group refocused it’s entire company exclusively to Film Production, opening a film production office in the burgeoning film industry of Portland Oregon.

Scene from "The Haunting at Danford Cabin"

Scene from "The Haunting at Danford Cabin"

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UPDATE: The Haunting at Danford Cabin – Winner Grand Prize Best Overall Film at iPhone Film Fest

Posted on 06 April 2012 by genshi


The Haunting At Danford Cabin - Official Movie PosterOur third short film “The Haunting at Danford Cabin” and the first stop-motion animation from Director Craig Anthony Perkins, is complete and released as an official selection of the Canadian Film Centre’s Shorts Nonstop Festival, presented by Telus. Our short film is also an official selection has also won Best Animation and Grand Prize Best Overall Film at the 2012 iPhone Film Festival.

This short horror film, which was shot entirely on the iPhone 4S, has a runtime of 3 minutes and 21 seconds and can be viewed here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bM0Nii0nXH8

LOGLINE: When a woodsman hears the disembodied cries and whispers of his not-so-dearly but recently departed wife, his search for the source brings him to an unexpected and violent confrontation.

Scene from "The Haunting at Danford Cabin"

Scene from “The Haunting at Danford Cabin”


Written & Directed by
Craig Anthony Perkins

Produced by
Craig Anthony Perkins / Debora Jo Myers

Cinematography, Editing, Music Score & Sound Design by
Craig Anthony Perkins

Production Design by
Debora Jo Myers

Set Design & Construction by
Maurice C. Baxter

Puppet Construction & Costumes by
Debora Jo Myers

Craig Anthony Perkins / Debora Jo Myers

Animation & Colorist
Craig Anthony Perkins

Thank You to
Maurice C. Baxter, Herma Rae Baxter, Desdra Dawning

Special Thanks to
Aurélien Potier at Fingerlab for his support and assistance.

Very Special Thanks to
Debora Jo Myers for her inspiration, dedication and invaluable support of which the making of this film would not be possible.

Shot entirely on the  iPhone 4S using the iMotion HD and iMotion Remote apps.

© 2012 Genshi Media Group

Director Craig Anthony Perkins on the set of "The Haunting at Danford Cabin"

Director Craig Anthony Perkins on the set of “The Haunting at Danford Cabin”

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Isobel & The Witch Queen – Premier

Posted on 22 January 2012 by genshi

Isobel & The Witch Queen - Movie Poster

Isobel & The Witch Queen - Movie Poster

Genshi Media Group is proud to announce the completion and premier of our short film Isobel & The Witch Queen. This film will be premiering exclusively on January 27th, 2012 at the Macworld | iWorld event as part of the iPhone Filmmakers discussion panel.

Written and Directed by Genshi Media Group’s founder Craig Anthony Perkins, this 13 minute short film tells the story of Isobel, an 11 year old girl, dealing with the pain of her parent’s break up. She finds herself led into a magical dream realm, where its fantastic inhabitants mirror her earthly plight; pushing her forward on her quest to help her mother. After an encounter with the Witch Queen, Izzy returns eager to support her mother with the knowledge that her mother has had the power all along to start her new life…

The film was shot entirely on the iPhone 4S using the FiLMiC Pro and iSupr8 apps. Despite the fact that we received no funding or sponsorship for this short film, leaving us with a zero budget, we were still able to pull together and shoot a story as an example of what can be done with such limited resources.

Scene from "Isobel & The Witch Queen"

Scene from "Isobel & The Witch Queen"

Craig would like to thank the cast and crew for all of their time and help in the making of this film, to Ruben Kazantsev and Renata Rinyu of the iPhone Film Festival for their continued support and encouragement, to Maurice C. Baxter and Herma Rae Baxter for their hospitality and patience while we filmed in their home, and a very special thank you to Producer, Actress and Costume Designer Debora Jo Myers, for her tremendous support, hard work and boundless energy which proved to be invaluable to the production of this film.

Isobel is an 11 year old girl, dealing with the pain of her parent’s break up. She finds herself led into a magical dream realm, where its fantastic inhabitants mirror her earthly plight; pushing her forward on her quest to help her mother. After an encounter with the Witch Queen, Izzy returns eager to support her mother with the knowledge that her mother has had the power all along to start her new life…


Directed by
Craig Anthony Perkins

Written by
Craig Anthony Perkins

Cast (in alphabetical order)
Chad Anderson … Forest Guardian
Trevor Downing … Forest Goblin #1
Ethan Reed McKay … Feral Forest Boy
Amanda Myers … The Witch Queen
Debora Jo Myers … Mother
David Rolin … Forest Goblin #2
Roma Willow Zenk … Isobel

Produced by
Debora Jo Myers

Original Music by
Craig Anthony Perkins

Cinematography by
Craig Anthony Perkins

Film Editing by
Craig Anthony Perkins

Costume Design by
Herma Rae Baxter (assistant costume designer)
Amanda Myers (co-costume designer)
Debora Jo Myers (original costumes)

Sound Department
Chad Anderson …. sound recordist/boom operator

Other crew
Kelly Vosberg …. production assistant

Scene from "Isobel & The Witch Queen"

Scene from "Isobel & The Witch Queen"

Scene from "Isobel & The Witch Queen"

Scene from "Isobel & The Witch Queen"

Scene from "Isobel & The Witch Queen"

Scene from "Isobel & The Witch Queen"

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Exclusive World Premier Short Film for 2012 Macworld Expo

Posted on 28 September 2011 by genshi

Isobel And The Witch Queen

Isobel And The Witch Queen

Genshi Media Group Founder and Director, Craig Anthony Perkins, has been asked to be part of a panel discussion of iPhone Filmmakers at the upcoming 2012 Macworld. They will be showing the past winning films from the iPhone Film Festival followed by a question and answer period. In addition, Craig has also been asked to shoot a new short film to World Premier exclusively at Macworld. 600 media outlets will be in attendance along with 25,000 attendees.

The story for this approximately 12 minute fantasy/fairy tale short film, entitled Isobel And The Witch Queen, has been written and we’ve recently acquired four of the main actresses as well as an art director and costume designer for the film. We will be casting shortly for additional supporting actors, performance artists and puppeteers (to play the various forest creatures and fairy folk.) We will be shooting this up in Portland Oregon, primarily at the Witch’s Castle in Forest Park and at a couple of other secret locations.

This will take some small funding and sponsorship so we are looking for Executive Producers who would be willing to invest in this project. We will also be needing a Visual Effects Artist/Supervisor (L.A. or Portland) a Sound Mixer/Boom Operator (Portland) and Gaffer/Lighting Technician (Portland). Craig will of course be Writing, Directing and Editing this, but may be looking for a composer as well.

Macworld will be announcing this in October. This will be an amazing opportunity for all involved as this will be getting more exposure than most film festivals. Any Investor/Executive Producer invloved with this project should see the huge potential in having their name attached to something that will be getting this much media coverage (with the extra benefit of not having to compete with thousands of other entries like at a typical film festival.) There are also a couple of other surprises regarding all of this which can’t be mentioned quite yet, but needless to say, this is a huge opportunity for anyone associated with this project.

More details coming soon… for additional inquiries or to contribute or become a sponsor, please contact: production@genshi.com

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iPhone Photography Exhibition At OCCCA

Posted on 25 March 2011 by genshi

Pixels: The Art Of iPhone Photography

Photographer and Filmmaker Craig Anthony Perkins, founder of Genshi Media Group, will have several of his photographs along with four of his experimental videos shown at the exhibition entitled Pixels: The Art of iPhone Photography showing at the Orange County Center For Contemporary Art.

This group exhibition will showcase the best iPhoneographers from around the world and will run from March 31st through April 30th 2011. The exhibition will then move to the Arty Gallery in downtown Los Angeles during the months of May and June 2011 and then to the Giorgi Gallery in Berkeley, CA., September 22nd through October 30, 2011.

The curator of the exhibition is Knox Bronson who runs the leading iPhoneography gallery site Pixels At An Exhibition and is also co-curated by Jeff T. Alu, Daniel Berman and Maia Panos. The entire iPhoneography community owes them a great deal of thanks for supporting and promoting this emerging form of photography. Thank you!

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Remembrance (a ghost story) – Short Film (UPDATED)

Posted on 18 March 2011 by genshi

Our first short film shot entirely on the iPhone 4 is now an official entry into the first annual iPhone Film Festival. This film was shot on location at the infamous abandoned and [supposedly] haunted Linda Vista Community Hospital. The short was Directed by Genshi Media Group’s own Craig Anthony Perkins who was also responsible for the Cinematography, Editing, Sound Design and Music Score (yes, this was a self-made, no budget film!)

A big thank you to actress Hanna Hedin Hillberg for her excellent work on the film, and to Stylist/Hair & Makeup artist extraordinaire Pauline Noriega for going above and beyond the call of duty (she was also the “behind the scenes” ghost in the movie!) And a special thank you to Alex K. Cheng for finding the perfect location for us to shoot at!

UPDATE: The official announcements have been made and our film took Second Place Grand Prize for Best Film Overall at the first annual 2011 iPhone Film Festival. The overall consideration was for Directing, Cinematography, Editing, Story, Technical Difficulty and Creativity. Considering the amount of excellent entries in this film festival and our own very limited resources, we are very pleased with the outcome!

Here is some of the feedback we are getting on this short film:

“It’s difficult portraying a “scary” short film within a few minutes. You must bring the audience into the scene, make them part of the film and instill fear within a matter of minutes. This film does that exactly. We initially felt the main character was not dressed properly for the part, but within a few seconds the director shoots chills immediately up your spine. And the actress does such a good job that she makes sure you go back and watch it a few times.” – iPhone Film Festival Judge Miguel Johnson

“[Craig Anthony Perkins’ Remembrance] again showed what an iPhone is capable of in the right hands. The atmospheric mini horror featured sublime editing and overall quality production.” – Tony @ iphone-productions.com

“The sound design and editing are masterful and make excellent co-conspirators to the superb visual composition.” – shAmii @ iPhone Film Festival

“… the video was pretty terrific even if I hadn’t known it was shot on an iPhone. I’ve seen people with camera gear costing 10 or more times as much that couldn’t touch the work you did.” – musique @ Macrumors Forum

(Best when listened to on good headphones or speakers as there are low frequency rumblings and ghostly voices which cannot be heard on computer speakers. Best when watched with the lights out… if you dare!)

Film Credits:

Remembrance (a ghost story)

A short, experimental film shot and processed on the iPhone 4. Edited with iMovie.

Written & Directed by: Craig Anthony Perkins
Starring: Hanna Hedin Hillberg
Cinematography, Editing, Music & Sound Design: Craig Anthony Perkins
Styling, Hair & Makeup: Pauline Noriega

Thank you to the following:

Alex K. Cheng
Francis Kortekaas
Linda Vista Community Hospital

And a special thank you to Visnja Zelenika for her continued support.

Shot on location at the haunted and abandoned Linda Vista Community Hospital.


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Art-Toys Book Signing

Posted on 22 July 2010 by genshi

Craig Anthony Perkins recently had the great honor and pleasure to be invited, along with a few other artists and toy designers, to sign Brian McCarty’s forthcoming book “Art-Toys: Photographs by Brian McCarty“. Craig’s “Broken Heart Robot” as photographed by Brian McCarty, is one of the many toys featured in the book. Mr. McCarty is the premier toy photographer in the world and we congratulate him on the release of the monograph of his work!

The signing took place at the Switcheroo Gallery and Workshop. In attendance at the signing and included in the book along with Craig were Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup, Luke Chueh, Frank Kozik, MARS-1, Mark Ryden, Michelle Valigura, Amanda Visell, Yoskay Yamamoto and many more artists and toy designers.

The book is available at Amazon.com, Brian’s website as well as at the San Diego Comic-Con if you happen to be down there this week.

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Advanced Photoshop Magazine Interview

Posted on 22 March 2010 by genshi

Issue 67 of Advanced Photoshop magazine is now out and features a career-guide article entitled So You Want To Be A Vinyl Toy Designer featuring Genshi Media Group founder and toy designer Craig Anthony Perkins. Craig answers questions and gives insight on the industry, the tools and his own experience as an indie toy designer with his toy label GENSHI:TOY. The article also features prolific lowbrow artist Ron English and Kidrobot founder Paul Budnitz.

Check your local newsstand for this issue of Advanced Photoshop – The magazine for Adobe® Photoshop professionals.

Advanced Photoshop Magazine Article

So You Want To Be A Vinyl Toy Designer...

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Cahill Center at Caltech

Posted on 29 December 2009 by genshi

Caltech recently contacted us regarding the purchase of photos that Genshi Media Group founder and photographer Craig Anthony Perkins took of the Cahill Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics at Caltech. The media department at Caltech wanted to use the photos for publicity purposes and for Caltech’s “New Year President’s Message” from Dr. Jean-Lou Chameau… and we happily obliged them.

Cahill Center 01

Cahill Center 01

Originally, Craig had taken the photos because he was intrigued by the building and, after searching online, was disappointed that no one had captured an image that did justice to the extravagant architecture of Cahill Center. It seems Caltech felt the same way; as they were searching online for photos of their own building and stumbled upon Craig’s photos.

Future collaboration between Craig and Caltech have been discussed and results of this collaboration will be posted here when available.

Cahill Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics at Caltech in Pasadena California was designed by Thom Mayne, founder of the architectural firm Morphosis.

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Wonkavision Magazine Interview

Posted on 24 October 2006 by genshi

Issue 35 Wonkavision Magazine

Issue 35 Wonkavision Magazine

Issue 35 of independent music magazine Wonkavision is now out and features a special Art Toy design issue available in 3 different covers. The issue also includes an interview with Genshi Media Group’s Craig Anthony Perkins on his process and thoughts on designing toys as well as a stellar review of his Broken Heart Robot design:

“The simple, clean lines and curves, and soft, solid colors of all editions distinguish the Broken Heart Robot from the busy details and overflowing colors saturating the designer toy market…”

The magazine is available at newsstands now as well as on Wonkavision Magazine’s own website.

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