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UPDATE: The Haunting at Danford Cabin – Winner Grand Prize Best Overall Film at iPhone Film Fest

Posted on 06 April 2012 by genshi


The Haunting At Danford Cabin - Official Movie PosterOur third short film “The Haunting at Danford Cabin” and the first stop-motion animation from Director Craig Anthony Perkins, is complete and released as an official selection of the Canadian Film Centre’s Shorts Nonstop Festival, presented by Telus. Our short film is also an official selection has also won Best Animation and Grand Prize Best Overall Film at the 2012 iPhone Film Festival.

This short horror film, which was shot entirely on the iPhone 4S, has a runtime of 3 minutes and 21 seconds and can be viewed here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bM0Nii0nXH8

LOGLINE: When a woodsman hears the disembodied cries and whispers of his not-so-dearly but recently departed wife, his search for the source brings him to an unexpected and violent confrontation.

Scene from "The Haunting at Danford Cabin"

Scene from “The Haunting at Danford Cabin”


Written & Directed by
Craig Anthony Perkins

Produced by
Craig Anthony Perkins / Debora Jo Myers

Cinematography, Editing, Music Score & Sound Design by
Craig Anthony Perkins

Production Design by
Debora Jo Myers

Set Design & Construction by
Maurice C. Baxter

Puppet Construction & Costumes by
Debora Jo Myers

Craig Anthony Perkins / Debora Jo Myers

Animation & Colorist
Craig Anthony Perkins

Thank You to
Maurice C. Baxter, Herma Rae Baxter, Desdra Dawning

Special Thanks to
Aurélien Potier at Fingerlab for his support and assistance.

Very Special Thanks to
Debora Jo Myers for her inspiration, dedication and invaluable support of which the making of this film would not be possible.

Shot entirely on the  iPhone 4S using the iMotion HD and iMotion Remote apps.

© 2012 Genshi Media Group

Director Craig Anthony Perkins on the set of "The Haunting at Danford Cabin"

Director Craig Anthony Perkins on the set of “The Haunting at Danford Cabin”

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In Development – Stop-Motion Short & Sci-Fi Feature (UPDATED)

Posted on 09 March 2012 by genshi

Lighting test of miniature set for stop-motion short film.

Lighting test of miniature set for stop-motion short film.

Due to the recent success of our previous short film “Isobel & The Witch Queen“, we have been quite busy with our film production efforts. We currently have several projects in various stages of development; we are finishing up pre-production and about to go into immediate production of our first short, stop-motion animation film entitled “The Haunting at Danford Cabin” which will be an experimental ghost story.

Now in pre-production is our first feature length sci-fi thrill entitled “Biocode“. We’ve locked down the leading actor and actress, have some of the crew in place (including a great Cinematographer) and are currently designing props, sets and “products” that will be featured in this movie as well as performing camera/lighting tests. We are still casting for several other roles and still seek a Visual FX Artist and Production Designer.

We will also be seeking further funding through various, strategic campaigns in order to give this movie the production value it needs for the subject matter. Please check back for updates and further details shortly…

UPDATE: We are now in full production of our first stop-motion animation film, “The Haunting at Danford Cabin” and so far the dailies have been looking pretty good! We already have a couple of shorts film festivals interested in including this piece once it is finished.

This particular short is being filmed completely with the  iPhone 4S using the iMotion HD app along with the iMotion Remote app for the iPad 2. Below is a behind-the-scenes still of Director Craig Anthony Perkins filming on the miniature set using the iPhone 4S mounted onto a Pico Dolly.

Behind The Scenes - "The Haunting at Danford Cabin"

Director Craig Anthony Perkins on the set of the stop-motion short "The Haunting at Danford Cabin"










And a sneak-peek scene from the film…

Production Still - "The Haunting at Danford Cabin"

Production Still - "The Haunting at Danford Cabin"

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Remembrance (a ghost story) – Short Film (UPDATED)

Posted on 18 March 2011 by genshi

Our first short film shot entirely on the iPhone 4 is now an official entry into the first annual iPhone Film Festival. This film was shot on location at the infamous abandoned and [supposedly] haunted Linda Vista Community Hospital. The short was Directed by Genshi Media Group’s own Craig Anthony Perkins who was also responsible for the Cinematography, Editing, Sound Design and Music Score (yes, this was a self-made, no budget film!)

A big thank you to actress Hanna Hedin Hillberg for her excellent work on the film, and to Stylist/Hair & Makeup artist extraordinaire Pauline Noriega for going above and beyond the call of duty (she was also the “behind the scenes” ghost in the movie!) And a special thank you to Alex K. Cheng for finding the perfect location for us to shoot at!

UPDATE: The official announcements have been made and our film took Second Place Grand Prize for Best Film Overall at the first annual 2011 iPhone Film Festival. The overall consideration was for Directing, Cinematography, Editing, Story, Technical Difficulty and Creativity. Considering the amount of excellent entries in this film festival and our own very limited resources, we are very pleased with the outcome!

Here is some of the feedback we are getting on this short film:

“It’s difficult portraying a “scary” short film within a few minutes. You must bring the audience into the scene, make them part of the film and instill fear within a matter of minutes. This film does that exactly. We initially felt the main character was not dressed properly for the part, but within a few seconds the director shoots chills immediately up your spine. And the actress does such a good job that she makes sure you go back and watch it a few times.” – iPhone Film Festival Judge Miguel Johnson

“[Craig Anthony Perkins’ Remembrance] again showed what an iPhone is capable of in the right hands. The atmospheric mini horror featured sublime editing and overall quality production.” – Tony @ iphone-productions.com

“The sound design and editing are masterful and make excellent co-conspirators to the superb visual composition.” – shAmii @ iPhone Film Festival

“… the video was pretty terrific even if I hadn’t known it was shot on an iPhone. I’ve seen people with camera gear costing 10 or more times as much that couldn’t touch the work you did.” – musique @ Macrumors Forum

(Best when listened to on good headphones or speakers as there are low frequency rumblings and ghostly voices which cannot be heard on computer speakers. Best when watched with the lights out… if you dare!)

Film Credits:

Remembrance (a ghost story)

A short, experimental film shot and processed on the iPhone 4. Edited with iMovie.

Written & Directed by: Craig Anthony Perkins
Starring: Hanna Hedin Hillberg
Cinematography, Editing, Music & Sound Design: Craig Anthony Perkins
Styling, Hair & Makeup: Pauline Noriega

Thank you to the following:

Alex K. Cheng
Francis Kortekaas
Linda Vista Community Hospital

And a special thank you to Visnja Zelenika for her continued support.

Shot on location at the haunted and abandoned Linda Vista Community Hospital.


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