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Broken Heart Robots Seen In Wired Article

Posted on 06 April 2009 by genshi

I discovered an interesting article today in the U.K edition of Wired Magazine. It talks of how researchers are experimenting with giving robots the ability to “sense” when their human owners are upset and to then avoid their angry owners.

What caught my eye though was that the picture they used for the article was one I took of my Broken Heart Robot toys! I’m very honored that Wired Magazine chose my Broken Heart Robot as the image (inspiration?) for the story.

Broken Heart Robot in Wired Magazine

Broken Heart Robot in Wired Magazine

Coincidentally, I’ve been experimenting with the Arduino platform; thinking about making an actual, autonomous robot… maybe I should program it to fear me as well!

The article was written by Katie Scott for Wired U.K. (Online editing by Holden Firth.) Article link: http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2009-03/30/robots-taught-to-hide-from-grumpy-humans.aspx

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Genshi Media Group News!

Posted on 26 April 1999 by genshi

Hello and welcome to the Genshi Media Group news page. We are officially online! This site is still a work in progress as we try out new formats and stylings (we are always, perpetually, a work-in-progress!) Please check back often to see what we are working on…

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