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“Pasadena Squared” Photography Book

Posted on 12 August 2009 by genshi

We are currently working on our first book of photography based on lo-fi Holga images taken in and around the city of Pasadena. The book is tentatively titled “Pasadena Squared” (squared because of the 6×6, square format of the medium format film that the Holga uses.)

We had originally planned on using one of several publishers that we have access to but instead, we think this would be a great opportunity to publish the book ourselves! It’s something we have always wanted to do and since we are pretty much a DIY shop with all of our other projects (e.g., our music label, our toy label) we thought we’d give it a go and create a book publishing label as well.

Details about the book: though he has recently taken on a part time teaching position at a local community college where he teaches Digital Photography, Craig Anthony Perkins has had a recent love affair with shooting film again, especially with the Holga camera. The images in this forthcoming book were all shot with the Holga using Ilford Delta Pro film and then professionally scanned directly from the processed film with no Photoshopping involved (though there was minor level/ exposure editing performed in Apple’s Aperture software.)

Stay tuned for further updates on the progress of this, our first self-published book. In the mean time, you can view a small sample of images in our gallery below which will be featured in the book.

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